Sunday, March 12, 2017

Happiness Ted Talk

In the Ted Talk "The happy secret to better work" by Shawn Achor, explains how people think success will make them happier. Well that's most definitely not the case, according to the Ted Talk it states how people's brains work backwards and every time a person has a success they feel the need that they need to do better, If you finally got good grades, it makes you think you need better grades, if you got a big hit with a painting you feel the need to do better and this is keeping happiness on other side of success. If people would raise their positivity this would give them the "happiness advantage" which leads people to work more efficiently when rather than when they are stressed, thinking negatively or neutral for example doctors have better diagnoses, and business has better sales. In the Ted Talk it also explained how dopamine makes people happier but it also turns on all people learning centers. There are ways for people to get their brains to think more positively. They can train their brain to be more positive by writing 3 things they are grateful for each day for 21 days in a row the brain retains a pattern of scanning positivity first rather than the negative. journaling a positive experience will get a person to relive it, random kindness acts such as getting people to tell someone what they are thankful for and why or praising someone will lead a person to think more positive. To conclude people should put happiness over success and think of the positives rather than the negatives to improve success.

The Surprising Science of Happiness

Dan Gilbert asks, "why are we happy?" In his Ted Talk he explains the two types of ways in which people are happy. People are happy because of natural and synthetic happiness. Natural happiness is happiness in which a person is allowed to choose what makes them happy, for example if a person wants a new pair of shoes and buys the new pair of shoes, then this is a form of natural happiness, They're happy because they had got what they wanted. Synthetic happiness is happiness in which a person has too accept what they cant change "for example if you could only submit one painting to a contest and not change it, a person is happier with what they made vs. the person who is able to change it multiple times, because inferior to the person who's able to change it they have to accept what they cant change"(Gilbert). synthetic happiness can also be described as our "psychological immune system. In the Ted Talk it states "The psychological immune system works best...when we are trapped" (Gilbert) This explains synthetic happiness and how people changes their views of the world to make themselves feel better. Accepting what they cant change and making themselves "happy".

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Response to Birthmark

The narrator regrets removing her stain because she finally realizes the true beauty in her stain, it wasn't ugly it wasn't a nuisance this time. it was beautiful, it was her.  After the stain being revealed her husband believes he they can have children now because it allowed them to be somewhat closer and "allows them to have more" (Miranda July) . Some analysis to this story that supports the understanding of happiness is when the narrator thinks shes happy removing her stain and becoming what other as well as herself thought was "pretty" or "beautiful". These perceptions of beauty are not the way people should really be thinking, if people didn't compare themselves to be like others, wouldn't they be happier? would they stop trying to become what they're not? would they actually be able to realize the true beauty in themselves? I believe the answer to these would be yes, people should accept who they are and how they are. I do admit its hard to accept ones self at times, either because people may say rude commentaries about someone and possible pick on or make fun of, making someone believe they're not pretty, they're not beautiful, but they are. The big theme of this short story is for people to accept who they are and to be happy with how they were made and not to go and try to put themselves in society's "norms".

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


From what I have observed in class discussion, Happiness is a liquid feeling that a person will feel at times but not all the time. no one could ever really reach true happiness, Events will happen and sometimes things may not go as a person may want or they lose something close to them, it puts quite a damper on a persons happiness. But though it may be difficult for some, no one should let these "bad" things that happen to them keep them from being happy, every person has a right to be happy, every person should have a reason to smile, laugh or just feel contentment. Relationships and being with family or friends can make a person more happy than materialistic things such as money or diamonds, etc. money and all these other things aren't going to always be there but the connections people make and the relationships they obtain will remain longer than any object.

Friday, November 25, 2016

what is beautiful?

Everything has beauty in it, for some its harder to see than others. When most people think of beauty its usually like a sunset as cliche as it sounds or flowers or some form of nature. but most people don't see much beauty in certain scenes and base beauty on outer features rather than true meaning. its kind of like how people judge books, they decide to pick the covers that are interesting or eye catching though some books may have a cover that is questionable or considered ugly, that book may have a very beautiful story within the cover pages. Beauty is not limited to what catches the eye, beauty has no boundaries it is ever expanding and is in everything but as I have stated. It is just more difficult for some to see than others. beauty could be as generic as a plastic bag rolling on the ground to as extravagant as a sunset in Hawaii and flowers everywhere. Some people may find meaning to that plastic bag others would think nothing more of it. Artwork is beautiful in many ways with all the abstract and things that seem to make no sense to some people but seem like 1000 words to someone else. The scenes and landscapes an artist can make as well as the stories within each an every painting is truly beautiful. I find beauty in many things, but there are also objects and ideas that I find quite the opposite of beautiful and that is merely because I don't bother looking into a full story and look at covers instead.

What Would You Change If You Could?

If I could, I would change quite a few events that have happened in my fifteen years of existence. If anything I would change all the problems that occurred with and between my parents, I'd change the choices made by them and id make it so we would all still be together and continue on a better route. Second I would change the bad decisions I have made, I would change all my previous school years and try harder in math and any subjects I was slacking in, I would do my homework every night like I should have. The main reason I would change these Is because as of today there are so many things that could have been different, and so many things that could have been avoided as well as better. But then again its all because of these choices and mistakes that make me the way I am today and its also because of these choices that I have the important people in my life, like my best friend. I met her when I moved with my mother and ended up switching schools. I am content with who I am, I mean there's always room for improvement and there are still things that I would change about myself which I can do I just need to work on it. As much as I would love to change past events and form a new future that I think would would be perfect I don't think id have my best friend or certain friends I have made in my life, so in a way i'm somewhat thankful for all these choices.
A defining educational experience for me was a couple years ago. It was taught to me by my 8th grade science teacher Mr. Crawford, he was kinda scary but he was also a really cool guy, just don't get on his bad side, anyways one day towards the end of the year he was talking to the class and for some reason we had been talking about sports practice and he explained to us that he would take practice seriously and that he would treat it as a game suggesting that we do the same. He explained that's how you improve, by working giving your 100% during practice and not messing around. I believe that this is important because to be able to be your best you need to be serious and willing to give your all to achieve what it is your after. Another educational experience for me was when I was younger as well and this had been taught by my grandma, she had taught me common courtesy such as when going to someones house and they feed you or invite you to a party then its only right to help clean up after or ask if they need help with anything, don't leave your mess around and if something need to be picked up, pick it up even if its not yours. I believe this lesson is important because having common courtesy is a good trait to have and in my opinion it makes someone abit of a better person.